Modern Testimonials:

"She is extremely balanced and sensitive."

"Very comfortable to sit in and sit out on the side decks."

"Because of its placing, a 2-3 hp outboard is more than sufficient."

"Sleeps two comfortably under the cockpit tent."


Testimonials from the 1890s:

"Irish in design, Irish in material, Irish built."

"Stiff and handy little boats."

"Dry and comfortable for taking ladies out for a sail in the Bay."

"Halyards through the deck, like the half-raters".

"Colleens have won the hearts of every yachtsman in the Bay. Class will probably be 12 strong in 1898."

"Of course, these little vessels will not be as pretty as a carvel built 18 footer, but they will look exceedingly well when the clinker hull is hidden by the distance." [Ironic, now we love the clinker lines!]

"Live weight of 30 stone (in the boats)."

"Good seaboats with an abundance of stability."


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